Welcome to Canyon Way Restaurant and Bookstore in Newport Oregon. Located on the hill down to the Bay front we overlook beautiful Yaquina Bay and see across to Table Mountain.  We’ve been serving good food and provoking thought since 1971, and are one of the longest family-run restaurant and bookstore businesses in the world. The original owners, Ed and Roguey Doyle, are still working full time, now in the 46th year of the businesses.

For their retirement, never having had weekends off, they have shortened the hours to Monday through Friday, days, plus Friday evenings, for dinner, with live music and dinner in Club 1216, (just to the right as you come in.)  One of the things we love about our customers is the variety and friendliness of them, and that there are several long term relationships that have begun in here.  The longest being 40 years and still going.

One of the comments we hear all the time, between 10.30 and  11.30 in the morning, is how amazing it smells in here and how can you stand it!   Our baking oven is in the area where the espresso machine is, in the bookstore part of the building, and we bake our bread each morning in that oven.  What really gets to their noses is the foccacia, which is a slightly different dough from the baguettes,  and has olive oil, garlic and herbs brushed on before baking.    Our daughter, Susannah, is the baker, (and waits tables and cooks), and several times a week she bakes the chocolate layers for our most popular dessert, the fudge square. Then people notice the fragrance again.   The dessert is a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate mousse,  whipped cream, another layer of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache on top, then with or without hazelnuts.   The whipped cream is made here of course, 40% fat, a little vanilla and sugar; the chocolate mousse and ganache too.  for some reason the cookies we bake after the bread is done, don’t have the same wafting smell.

For spring & fall restaurant closures, see Hours, and for any other temporary closures.   The bookstore always stays open.


        WOW WOW WOW!

Our 45th annual bookstore/all store sale is Wednesday, January 10th:   everything in the store is included, all books, cards, clothing, jewelry, merchandise, (art supplies, jigsaw puzzles, journals, ceramic plates etc.), calendars, even previously marked down items.

Restrictions:  cash, check, or debit card only, no credit cards.  No returns, all sales final.  No lunches!  First come
first served, no holds.no special orders, no layaways

note:  if you missed this sale, we extend it to your choice of one day by January 31st 2018. Same restrictions apply, old customer or new, we extend the discount, same terms, for one day of your choosing, through January 2018.
You must mention this website to get the discount.!!