Books and Gifts


Not exactly book-related, but you may like to know that our made from scratch cookies are usually ready by 11a.m, as soon as the oven is free.   The bread we make each day for lunch uses the same oven.  We offer chocolate chip with walnuts,  oatmeal raisin, and macaroons,  almond joy, or plain.  Almond joy have chocolate chips and slivered almonds.  Cookies are made from butter, flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, etc.

Kate is resurrecting recipes from many years ago, including Golden Crunch Cake,  Mrs. Marcus’s poppy seed cookies, peanut butter cookies, and lots more, so watch for them

We make excellent espressos.  We stick to the basics, whole milk only, no decaf,  no soy or almond milks. Lattes, Americanos, our version of mochas, (the chocolate flavor is from cocoa powder mixed with sugar), and Centre Cups,* which are mochas with from scratch whipped cream, slightly sweetened, tiny bit of real vanilla.  *from the days when the restaurant was in the middle of the building, and because Roguey is English, and that’s the way center is supposed to be spelled.

Best book selection on the Oregon Coast &, many say, anywhere.

We are a new book only bookstore, (no used, except for a few that we get in that are out of print, that we consider must haves, particularly in history). Our stock is considerably less than in the days before Amazon and Kindle, but the quality of our selection has improved, since we were forced to downsize our inventory, and make choices.  Our travel section, once a twenty foot section, is now a few books on Oregon travel. Our favorite sections are history, fiction, mystery, biography/essay, and childrens’ books, and our book choices show that.

Publishers’ Weekly (now, PW) has been one of our mainstays of deciding what books to carry out of the hundreds published each week.  We get catalogs and read reviews, too.   The reviews you see in our books are either from PW or, if we feel a book we love will be overlooked, we make our own, for example, The Earth Moved, a wonderful book on the importance of worms in in our ecology.   When fishermen leave their bait, night crawlers, etc.  on the banks of the river or lake they have fished, the worms can move into the woods and kill the forest! (by disturbing the forest’s natural ecosystem of the right worm for the right layer of earth.)

Recent highly recommended mystery authors:  Anthony Horowitz, Charlie Lovett, Stav Sherez, Noah Hawley,  Cara Hunter (very twisted plot lines, very creepy)  C J Tudor and AJ Finn the same.



Free gift wrapping always!  at any time of year.

Gift Certificates:  available in any amount.   They can be used in the bookstore or the restaurant, or both, and either little by little, or all at once, and as long as you have it, it doesn’t expire.  We’ve seen ones that have been through a washing cycle,  or ten years old from a crumpled heap in a desk drawer!


We read constantly, and always have recommendations for you.   First we ask what you have liked, or not!, in what subjects you are interested, and can always find several titles for you.  We have great successes in this, with people coming back for other suggestions, and telling others to do the same.


We play CDs all day long, putting 5 different styles of music on our 5 disc changer.   Bluegrass, blues, folk, classical are some of what we play.  We don’t play easy listening, we want our selections to catch your ear, and thus sell a lot of CDs for this day and age.   We look for new artists all the time, and occasionally find something/someone great!