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Best book selection on the Oregon Coast &, many say, anywhere.  However, we are shrinking our inventory according to customer purchasing, and our own tastes, and with a view to retiring, since  Ed and I are in our 50th year of business.   History remains a terrific section for us, and we add new titles ( and old!) as we find them, children’s books also are very good sellers, except for the young adult books, which decline steadily.  We do keep many young adult series  stocked, and add  new titles as they become available, Rick Riordan’s being one of them.   Mystery, fiction and biography/essay stay stable.

We are a new book only bookstore, (no used, except for a few that we get in that are out of print, that we consider must haves, particularly in history). Our stock is considerably less than in the days before the internet, but the quality of our selection has improved, since we were forced to downsize our inventory, and make difficult choices.  Our travel section, once a twenty foot section, is now a few books on Oregon travel. Our favorite sections are history, fiction, mystery, biography/essay, and children’s’ books, and our book choices show that.  Many people have commented on our curating of our inventory, and I like that word for what we do.  We have just re-arranged the store, still maintaining the interesting look from when the building (circa 1905) was built as apartments; small rooms, and different levels because the  middle of the building was a functioning garage, so had a higher ceiling, and a dirt floor.    We still stock new releases and best sellers, in hardcover and paperback, either from Publisher’s Weekly, or a new book by a favorite author.  We special order lots of books for customers.  We have lost two favorite book distributors, due to decline in bookstores, and loss of sales from the remaining ones.  We now have Ingram books, which has four warehouses across the country.  Their inventory is declining too, and to my dismay, many of the books I consider basic stock, have been dropped by them, I assume because they are not your average bookstore inventory.

Publishers’ Weekly (now, PW) has been one of our mainstays of deciding what books to carry out of the hundreds published each week,  and read reviews, too.   The reviews you see in our books are either from PW or, if we feel a book we love will be overlooked, we make our own, for example, The Earth Moved, a wonderful book on the importance of worms in in our ecology- when fishermen leave their bait, night crawlers, etc.  on the banks of the river or lake they have fished, the worms can move into the woods and kill the forest! (by disturbing the forest’s natural ecosystem of the right worm for the right layer of earth.)  I read a lot of mysteries, and often find authors who need to be recommended, so do so.

Recent highly recommended mystery authors:  Anthony Horowitz, the writer of PBS’ Foyle’s War and the original writer and developer of Midsummer Murders.   Charlie Lovett, Stav Sherez, Noah Hawley,  Cara Hunter (very twisted plot lines, very creepy, but traditional British detective)  C J Tudor and AJ Finn the same.   New to me, 2 in paper one in hardcover is J P Delaney, keeps on surprising!     Another author is Nick Petrie, gets great reviews from PW.   I didn’t think I’d like him, sort of a tough guy with PTSD from 8 years in desert warfare, but now I’ve read two, he’s excellent, great stories, unpredictable, good characters.  the fifth one is just coming out in paperback.  Another new favorite for fiction only readers, Rachel Joyce, is amazing, especially Music Room

AND….SUSIE STEINER, an English, heading for middle age, policewoman, with many lovable and some unlovable characteristics.   All the characters in the books have memorable personalities,  and in the second of the now 3 volume series, an especially wonderful addition to  her family.   We now have the third in stock as well as the first two, but only in hardcover, but she’s worth it.`Now I am reading the first mystery by Alex North, the Whisper Man.   (Alex North is a pseudonym by a published writer.)it’s excellent, with a slight twist on how the various characters are presented.   It’s just out in paperback, with a new one Shadows, also just out, but in hardcover, also great.  Glytha Lodge also British, has two, one in paper

If you desire non-fiction,  I loved Pandemic, published one year before the Covid 19 pandemic.  Whew! Also great, Elegant Defense, Our Amazing Immune System, less timely, but equally fascinating.  About to read Educated, Tara Westover, still no paper back after three years!


Free gift wrapping always!  at any time of year.

Gift Certificates:  available in any amount.   They can be used in the bookstore or the restaurant, or both, and either little by little, or all at once, and as long as you have it, it doesn’t expire.  We’ve seen ones that have been through a washing cycle,  or ten years old from a crumpled heap in a desk drawer!


We read constantly, and always have recommendations for you.   First we ask what you have liked, or not!, in what subjects you are interested, and can always find several titles for you.  We have great successes in this, with people coming back for other suggestions, and telling others to do the same.


We play CDs all day long, putting 5 different styles of music on our 5 disc changer.   Bluegrass, blues, folk, classical are some of what we play.  We don’t play easy listening, we want our selections to catch your ear, and thus sell a lot of CDs for this day and age.   We look for new artists all the time, and occasionally find something/someone great!