Our aim is, and has always been, to provide consistency, with quality  ingredients, and good cooking.  Our recipes are the same as they were ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago, so people know the food they order will always taste the same.  We get calls daily about what the soup of the day is.  The favorite is Chicken Curry, a full bodied soup with a good curry flavor, but mild.  Mai’s grocery on Highway 20 is where we get our curry powder.  The second favorite is Mushroom, a light cream soup, with lots of mushrooms (too many, one customer complained).  There is a secret ingredient, which makes all the difference.  Since we give out recipes when requested, it’s not that secret.  It’s nutmeg.

We have been told time and again, that we have the best clam chowder on the coast; many people who have tasted chowders everywhere on their travels; the right consistency, seasonings, and flavors.

Gerry Frank, the renowned Oregon political figure, who has written travel guides to Oregon and New York for over 40 years, published a review  of crab cakes in the Oregonian, and ours came out on top.  We make a delicately seasoned Bechamel base which we mix half and half with Dungeness crab, so the crab flavor shines through.   No peppers!

Pastas:  we make our own fettuccini, which makes our dishes even more wonderful.   We offer shrimp in basil cream, (made with our own pesto) szechuan chicken or shrimp, a spicy dish.  (We make the tahini from scratch using our own toasted sesame seeds.) The meatball pasta has our homemade marinara.  We also use the meatball and marinara in a sandwich.   We make the meatballs a batch at a time, so we can run out. You are welcome to call and reserve a meatball dish.  Ginger garlic chicken or shrimp, and primavera with basil pesto, round out the selections.

Note, all our chicken dishes, including sandwiches, use chicken breast, which we pound, then marinate in a Tuscany marinade, then char-grill.

House Specials:  Dungeness Crab Cakes, recommended by travel writer Gerry Frank as the best on the coast.  Ours are simply, but well, seasoned, and are grilled in butter.  From November through May, we request one day’s notice.  In the summer only, we serve New Orleans Bouillabaisse, on our menu for over 40 years, a delicately seasoned tomato based soup, with white wine and saffron. We add local pink shrimp, fish and clams.  Without the seafood the broth is vegan, and we offer the same size bowl, meatless, for 10.00 off.  Oysters are one of our best selling menu items, we serve more for our size of restaurant than anyone else in Lincoln county, according to our supplier, Oregon Oyster co. on the bay road. We serve them two ways, lightly breaded and sauteed in butter, or deep fried in a blend of flours.   Parmesan crusted fish is another very popular dish.  A cornmeal, Parmesan, and flour mix is used to coat the fish which is then grilled in butter.

Tomato-Mozzarella Caprese is a  favorite appetizer.  Tomatoes and Mozzarella are layered across the plate, and topped with extra virgin  olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and our own basil pesto.

Dogs are welcome on our patio.

We also have a child’s menu available.

For any changes in hours, and regular hours, see HOURS!