Enjoy live music and dinner every Friday evening between 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the cozy atmosphere of Club 1216 located within the bookstore.

2017 Calendar:

January 6th: Barbara Lee Turrill   Original acoustic guitar and vocals.

January 13th:  correction, the Dalbey Gang, with Barbara Lee Turrill, will play tonight, instead of Paul Van Den Bogaard & Friends,  Finger-style bluesy-rocky-folky guitar work 

January 27th:  Original Face  guitar  & vocals

February 3rd:  Barbara Lee Turrill & Gib Bernhardt

February 10th:  Toledo Delta Boys.   Walker T Ryan and Bill Dalbey play the blues:   Acoustic and steel guitars.

February 17th:  Coyote Bill will be ‘Rockin the truck stop’ and ‘Soothin your heart breaks’ with vocals and acoustic guitar

February 24th:  Three Twins & a Fish.   Vocal ensemble with guitar, mandolin, viola & bass

March 3rd:  Barbara Lee Turrill & Morgen Spiess

March 10th:   MalarkeyStiles

March 17thEvans Longshore and Rob Connell   guitars, cello, familiar favorites and others

March 31st:  The McCoys, a Corvallis family.  Great harmonies & musicians

April 7th:   Barbara Lee Turrill and Morgen Spiess

April 14th:  Sons of the Beaches…Paul van den Bogaard

April 21st:  Coyote Bill will again be Rockin’ the truck stop and Soothin’ your heart-breaks.

April 28th:  Original Face, piano and guitar

May 5th through June 2nd, no music while the restaurant takes its spring repair & vacation time

June 9th:  Barbara Lee and Morgen

June 16th:  Sons of the Beaches…Paul van den Bogaard

June 23rd:  Gib and Nancy Bernhardt, piano and bass

June 30th:  DonnaLynn  with husband Terry; DonnaLynn has a wonderful presence, great guitar and voice

July 7th: Barbara Lee Turrell with Morgen Spiess, clarinet.  Original acoustic guitar and vocals.

July 14th:   It’s Kate’s birthday!!  Party-time!   Belly dancing by Raven,  CANCELLED,SORRY. MalarkeyStiles will be playing instead.   It is still Kate’s birthday, (16th), though.

July 21st:  Dan Crary   nationally known musician

July 28th: Evans and Rob, excellent musicians, singing favorites old and new

August 4th: Barbara Lee Turrill

August 11th: Paul Van den Bogaard and Friends. &  Trantow!!!  Finger-style bluesy-rocky-folky guitar work and great vocals and harmonies.  Classics and originals.

August 17th: Past Forward

August 25th Dalbey Gang

September 1st:   Barbara Lee Turrill guitar and vocals,

September 8th:   Rob Connell and Evans Longshore, two musicians whose musical chemistry has become wondrous

September 15th:  Original Face,   Joe Armenio, piano & Danny Pattison, drums

September 22nd:   Professor Gib and his Texas Misfits,  bass, guitar, piano, mandolin & cello,

September 29th:    Paul van den Bogaard with some of the Sons of the Beaches

October 6th:  Barbara Lee Turrill, guitar and vocals,

October 13th:   Three Twins and a Fish, vocal ensemble with guitar, mandolin, viola, and bass 


Oct 20th through Nov 17th:  No music while the restaurant is closed for fall vacations and repairs  (see hours)

November 24th:   Barbara Lee Turrill

December 1st:  Barbara Lee Turrill

December 8th:   The Dalbey Gang,  Franki bass, Bill guitar, Barbara Lee her usual variety, Bill (Stiffler) vocals etc.

December 15th:   Marlarkey Stiles

December 22nd:  Original Face, Joe Armenio piano, Danny Pattison drums.  Jazz, blues and hippie rock

December 29th:   Three Twins and a Fish, vocal ensemble.