Enjoy live music with dinner every Friday evening between 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the intimate  atmosphere of Club 1216 which is  located to your right as you enter Canyon  Way.    The dining room is available if the Club is full,                                or you wish to have quiet conversations.

Please remember to call for a table, as we are usually fully booked by early on Fridays

2019 Calendar:

April 5th:  Paul van den Bogaard

April 12th:  Barbara Lee Turrill & Franki Trujillo

April  19th:  Lucky Gap  Chaz guitar, vocals,  Adrienne  cello, Mike Harrington bass and vocals

April 26th:  Revely’n   two wonderful string musicians, with lovely harmonies

May 3rd:  Barbara Lee and Franki



         No music through June 7th while the restaurant staff takes vacation time and we do repairs & cleaning      

The bookstore remains open Monday through Friday                         ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                                                                                       

June 14th:   Texas Refugees

June 21st:   Paul van den Bogaard

June 28th:  Dalbey Gang

July 5th:  cancelled

July 12th Lucky Gap

July 194th:  Joe Armenio and Danny Pattison

July 26th:   Revel’n   Evelyn Idzerda and Ron Snyder

August 2nd:  Averre and Green

August 9th:  American Jubilee   Dalbeys, Bernhardt, and others    An evening of Americana

August 16th:  Barbara Lee and Franki,  blues and Americana  We might switch Paul to the 16th and Barbara to the 23rd because of David Franklin’s visit

August 23rd:  Paul Bogaard   Our local blues master musician.     David Franklin of MUSHIN  from the 70s and 80s will be visiting from London, on the 16th so Paul would like to swap with Barbara.

August 30th:   Revel’n

September 6th:   Barbara Lee Turrill & Franki Trujillo

September 13th:    Bernhardt etc.

September 20th:   Paul Bogaard and sons of the Beaches

September 27th:   Dalbey Gang   more terrific blues

October 4th:  Barbara Lee Turrill, Franki Dalbey

October 11th:    drums and trumpet

October  18th:  No music, since Ed and Roguey’s 55th anniversary is on the 17th, and a very dear friend has her 80th birthday on the 18th, in Seattle, and we’re going to visit her.   See you in November


Oct 21st  through Nov 23rd:  No music while the restaurant is closed for fall vacations and repairs  (see hours)

November 29th:  Tex Brooklyn   Robert Rubin, Charlie Loomis, and Deane Perkins

December 6th:  Barbara Lee Turrill & Franki Dalbey

December 13th:  Lucky Gap trio

December 20th:  Paul Bogaard and guests

December 27th:   Old News,  we hope, Old Time Music

January 2020 to be announced